According to leading cheap hair extensions suppliers, sales of clip in hair extensions are at an all time high. This is partly due to the vast number of high profile figures and celebrities openly wearing hair extensions and changing their image frequently.


Another reason is because clip in extensions can add length, volume and glamour to thinning hair in an instant. What is more, they are now available in 100% real, soft, luxurious human hair and in a massive range of hues. If they are matched and fitted properly, the ‘join’ is virtually undetectable and the results are incredibly realistic.


A major benefit of the clip in variety is that they do not involve bonding or glue which can put extra strain on hair follicles. Plus, they are not being worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Extensions can also offer the wearer flexibility of remy human hair extensions styling without committing to a particular cut or ‘look’.


An instant full head of thick, glossy hair has more than just aesthetic benefits. Extensions can make the wearer feel more confident or feminine, particularly for those with thin hair and in need of a boost. Clip in hair extensions offer the easiest DIY option for gorgeous full hair.