Hair extensions are a favorite to most women, but not all extensions fulfill women’ needs. How natural a hair extension looks is very important especially for most sophisticated women who value the taste for beauty. All human hair extensions should look natural, no matter what. That is what women believe. Natural looking hair extensions ensure seamless integration of perfect and luxurious looks. Tape-in hair extensions come in to fill this need.


Tape-in hair extensions use the same technology that lace-front wigs use when being secured at the front of the hairline. Thin straps of transparent double-sided tape are stuck at the weft base of virgin or Remy human hair extensions. These wefts are then taped to the scalp. One thing about this tape is that it is totally see-through and flexible. When attached to the scalp, the scalp is completely visible and the need for bulky braids and clips that glint in the light is eliminated. You can apply all your creativity in parting your hair and pulling up your tape-in extensions into full and partial updos confidently!


Different brands that manufacture cheap hair extensions provide peel-and-stick, pre-taped wefts, but these aren’t the best. If you want the best experience with hair extensions, buy your own quality hair locks, weave tape and a roll of quality wig. Look for a good stylist who can help you apply the extensions whenever you need to put them on.