I kept seeing all these girls with fabulous thick locks on Pinterest and was green with envy until I learned that a lot of those girls use clip in extensions to get the thickness and length they want!

I decided to try them so I bought these last week, after a bit of research and am absolutely obsessed with them now! I was worried they’d be too long, not match my natural hair color, or look completely fake, but I was pleasantly surprised with the result!

There are several different width pieces in the set. I used about 5 of them in my hair, and it looked so natural. My hair is pretty thin naturally (it’s thin, and I don’t have a whole lot of it to begin with!), so I didn’t think I’d have enough to cover the clips if I put in any more pieces, but I think they would work even if I did.

The little clips don’t hurt my head at all. They’re easy to snap in and I didn’t have any issues with them pinching or snagging my hair when I took them out. I am very gentle when I unsnap them – I just let them naturally fall out so I don’t pull any of my hair out when I do.

The color matched my hair perfectly – I got the balayage in 16inch. One of the smaller clip in pieces had a bright blonde streak on it that looked unnatural, so I didn’t use that one but overall, the color is awesome!

I love this human hair extensions. I’m not kidding you when I wear my hair I feel like a celebrity. I save it for special nights/days when I want to look great because I don’t want them to get snarky. I already have pretty long hair but it’s not very thick so this hair gives me exactly what I’ve been looking for all my life. I curl it, flat iron it, crimp it, it has held up amazingly. Great purchase. Make sure you get the right color for you, that’s the only thing that can go wrong because this hair is wonderful.