I Love this Hair!!! This is my first time styling and using any type of Hair Extensions UK. I feel as though many people who have not worn this type of hair need to realize that for it to look similar to the styles in the pictures, it needs to be styled accordingly, and that it will take time to style just as real Natural hair does. I personally flat twisted the extensions, and my hair the night before and it came out wonderful. However, when I first received the hair it did not come as such. It was very soft and felt great, but at the same time it needed to be co-washed and conditioned and then styled into the look that I wanted.

Took some working with to make it suitable to wear. I chose to cut my natural hair short and found these clips, which btw blended perfectly with my own. it took some working through (washing, detangling and styling) but the final outcome worked for me!!! easy to comb through with proper products. you will need to keep it moisturized after install. light spritz water and some type of cream.

Overall this human hair extensions is excellent quality and helped me in picking out the correct length for the look that I wanted to achieve. So if you are patient and already wear your hair naturally, or maybe just want to experiment with some natural styles, I definitely recommend this hair.