My hair is a mixture of dark blonde and some lighter blonde towards the bottom and dark underneath. I wasn’t sure if the color would blend well because of that reason but I like how they were 100% human hair so if they didn’t I could dye them to match my hair color. I didn’t even use all of them and it was enough to blend well with my hair. The clips are already sewn in the hair and they hold really well. I used a curling iron to curl them with my own hair and they held a curl really well. The color I ordered was a dark blonde and matched my hair perfectly!

What’s really nice is it comes with a few pieces of cheap hair extensions so you can test it to your own hair and if it doesn’t match or wasn’t what you ordered you can return it. It also comes with two extra clips in case you break one. When I took them out of the package they weren’t tangled or anything. I ran my fingers through them lightly and they didn’t shed at all. They were really smooth and soft and definitely felt like real human hair.

Beautiful, long blonde human hair extensions, made of real human hair, very easy to clip in and adjust according to your personal style. I really love the length of this as it allows you room to Style or even just wear down and it looks nice that way, these are really pretty and not cheap looking or made like a lot of clip ons you pick up in the stores, great for dressing up and giving your regular look some extra volume and highlights.