Love my extensions! They are perfect. Only problem is one of them are kinked so it doesn’t lay flat when I clip it in. It sticks out thru my hair and it’s one of my two clip ones that I really need. I got two sets and mixed them in and people can’t even tell and they are so easy to put in and are very soft.

I was expecting them to be very thin as that’s how they’re described (70g), cheap quality, and unable to really be washed or styled… I was very wrong!! Though they are thin, the quality is quite high for the money. They’re silky, shiny, and have a slightly cool feel to them just like healthy hair should. I was able to wash/tone, dry, and restraighten them with zero harm to the quality and no shedding. They stayed in place even on my freshly washed, fine, silky hair without teasing. These are a great starter set of your just dipping your toe into extensions or if you want an occasional clip in set for finer hair.

I’m new to extensions. These extensions have more hair, the quality of the hair is incredibly soft, haven’t seen any fallout, and the color match is almost perfect, which is hard to do for me because my hair has just naturally changed to an almost black color over the years.