After breakage from microbead extensions I tried to cut my hair shorter and let it grow out. Yikes! I hated the awkwardness and researched all types of extensions. Tape in extensions are supposed to be least damaging. They are nice and thick.

I bought these tape in extensions! I love them! The color matches my dark brown hair perfectly. It blended well with my real hair. They were easy to put in, I had a friend put them in. The length was a good length, I cut a little bit off. The hair is shiny and soft even two weeks after putting them in. They wash easily and none of them have fallen out. Overall a great product!


I did dye the hair to match mine (although it was not suggested by the manufacturer), and it did great! The tape adhesive sticks very well with no slipping so far. I was pleasantly surprised to find these were an exact match to my hair color and the quality is amazing. I love having long hair again!!