These extensions are very good quality! I have been wearing extensions for 10 years. I had to color and tone these extension to match my silver tone 2 times before I even installed them and they held up quality. I’ve had for a few weeks now and wash them about once a week and they are still shiny and soft.

They were a little on the thinner side so I needed 4 packs for a thick look. I did use a different brand of tape however. I was just vet worried about damage to my hair and researched a good brand. Not to say these aren’t good, I just didn’t use the tape they came with.

My hair is naturally just above my shoulders and they blend great. Probably could’ve used 3 or 4 more pieces to help blend better for when I wear it straight but honestly that’s rare anyway. I waited to write this review for a while to see how the hair held up and I am so surprised and happy. I have washed, blow dryed, curled, straightened and even fell asleep drunk in these and they are still going strong. They aren’t dry or frizzy, the don’t get too tangly and none of the tapes have budged. I did install them in clean, dry hair and then waited 3 days before washing to make sure the tape adhered fully. So that plays a big role.