1. Hair wig material comparison


At present, the wool materials used in wigs can be roughly divided into three types: full human hair (ie, real human hair), synthetic fiber and mixed hair.


Although the wig made of synthetic fiber is light, does not deform or fade easily, is easy to care for and has a durable shape, but its breathability and hygroscopicity are not as good as human hair wigs.


Currently, most people think that the wig made by the whole person’s hair is the best. In fact, compared to synthetic wigs and mixed wigs, the wig made by human hair looks very natural, and its breathability and hygroscopicity are better than the other two. The wig made of wool material, if it is made by hand, has greater simulation and comfort.


2. Human hair wig shortcomings


It is easy to deform and fade: the human hair wig is equal to that of real hair. It can be blown, dyed and burned, but it is easy to deform and the color will fade.


Easy to break: although it is not easy to pile with the collar of the clothes and others, it will be divided and it will break once it is damaged.


It is expensive and heavy: the human hair wig is very heavy; As the sensation is getting smaller, it is increasingly difficult to find a high quality real hair, which is why it is very expensive.


Uncomfortable care: it is very easy to tie knots when washing hair wigs. In general, it is necessary to have a professional wig store to take care of.


3. How to tell the high-end real hair wig


Choose a small amount of hair and remove it. The first thing is to smell the flavor. The real hair is the flavor of the barbecue. The addition of heat resistant silk is that the taste of the plastic is easy to distinguish.


Look at the burnt ash, the real hair is crushed into powder and the agglomerate is a wig that adds heat-resistant silk.


The maximum temperature of the heat resistant cable is 180 degrees – 200 degrees, so you can choose a straight hair clip or a roll to heat or bend with a maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, and there is a heat resistant cable , that is, not the burned is the real hair.