1. Do not get rid of excess water.

After washing your hair, make sure the towel is as dry as possible and that excess moisture is expelled from your hair to help you make the most of your care.


2. Use too many hair care products.

More is not necessarily good. If you use a good quality product, you can achieve the effect with a little bit of it. If you use it too much, you will have an excessive load on your hair. If you use it, you must use it first. Instead of using it directly on your hair, it will only give you less moisture.


3. Use a comb

When your hair is wet, use a fine brush or a high density comb that will only damage your hair. First you must use a wide-tooth comb to comb wet hair first.


4. No drying

Never blow your hair at once. You must divide the hair into 2 to 3 blocks, which are divided into 3 blocks by the forehead, above the ears and below the ears.


5. The drying of the partition is too large

The smaller the block that blows, the more you can control the straightness of each block.


6. The blocks are not integrated.

After the first block has dried, plus the second block that has not been blown, it will be natural to integrate the hair, otherwise, each block will have its own angle.


7. Hair care products are used all at once.

The use of hair care products should also be divided.


8. Sprayed hair is sprayed only in the middle section of the hair

Be sure to spray the hair on top of the hair, then twist it to spray the bottom and distribute it evenly.


9. The starting point of the blow is incorrect.

The hair at the bottom should be blown first, and the hairline will begin naturally when it reaches the top of the head.


10. The mouthpiece does not use a mouthpiece

It prevents the spread of hot air and allows you to control the direction of hot air and create a certain distance to avoid hair damage caused by too hot air.