The first real understanding of the changes in the shape of the haircut, from the episode of filming, the stylist told me in a low voice after seeing the model’s hair: “This is a disaster”. The hair of the model was a hair extension, Therefore, the grooming needs of the hairdresser can not be satisfied. I was so surprised I could not talk. God knows, I just chose her long hair with the soft and lovely hair like her seaweed. There is no need to explain how to remedy this big problem later on. What I want to explain is that the magic power of hair extension, when you are born with insufficient or long hair, the rapid extension of hair can be very useful. You do not have to worry about the type of problem the wig has, you do not have to worry about its naturalness. While the color choice is not very different from yours, it looks like a natural hair. .

The hair piece for hair extension, which includes three materials, full chemical fiber wig, low price, but the effect is not so natural, since the temporary stage requires a performance, it is a good choice; The actual hair production mixed with chemical fiber is the average price, if you just have to bury them in your real hair to fill the hair volume, which is a good option, since the hair piece made of real hair is very expensive It is not easy to get static electricity and can be dyed hot so you can have real hair with you. It’s fine, and it’s a long lifespan. If you do not have enough natural hair or you can not keep long hair, it’s worth investing.

When you touch these pieces of hair, you will find that they are easy to operate, they do not need adhesives similar to glues, and a thing similar to a hair on the hair piece can help you to fix the hair piece near the root of the hair. The skill is more skillful. The more natural the effect. As for the secret of not letting the hair out, the total amount of hair pieces should not exceed 20% of your own volume of hair.