First, naturally dry
After cleaning, you can not use the washer to dry it, you can not use the hair dryer or put it in the sun to dry it. It is the most correct way to dry it with a dry towel and then dry it naturally.


Second, the shampoo should be soft
Use a small amount of mild shampoo to wash your hands. Do not use excessive force or soak for a long time.


Third, absolutely not available washing machine washing machine
The strong rotation of the washing machine can cause the wig to fall off a lot or even to disperse.


Fourth, store wigs to be ventilated and breathable
Although wigs are not real hair, they should also be considered for breathability during storage, otherwise residual moisture and shampoo can corrode the wigs easily.


Fifth, wash the wig to use warm water
When washing the wig, first immerse the fake in warm water (15 ~ 30 degrees is better) for about 5 minutes. When the water temperature is too high, the life of the wig is reduced.