The reason for hair removal is that the sebaceous glands are allergic to certain hormones. Nothing can change this. But with proper cosmetics for hair and proper shampooing methods can be controlled.


Method 1: Wash your hair every day, but wash it properly. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo every day to prevent the scalp from coming in contact with your hair and to rumble it. The correct way is to use a shampoo suitable for normal hair, which contains an active detergent. This substance is mild in nature and will not damage the hair or irritate the scalp every day to make it more oily. Shampoos for oily hair contain stronger ones. An active cleaning with a cleaning effect. This shampoo can only be used after the hair has been greased and snorted.


Method 2: Let the scalp slowly relax the scalp. Most of the oil is due to the congenital allergic wind of the testosterone of the sebaceous glands. The inadequate shampoo absorbs the overheated shampoo. The relief can work very well. This allergy is more intense during adolescence and then will decrease with age. Cosmetics have no effect in principle. But we can prevent the sebaceous glands from being irritated by other stimuli, such as excessive brushing, styling or the heat of the hair dryer, and the remedy is washed off after ten minutes of use before shampooing. This rejuvenating agent has a calming effect on the scalp and prevent the formation of dandruff. Gently massage the head with a refreshing tonic, which also has a smooth and stable effect on the oily scalp. This tonic can be applied on the top of the head before cutting the hair.


Method 3: Hair drying in the air is ideally done after cutting, without the need to blow, without the need to make a head. In doing so, the first thing is to save time, and the second is to protect the scalp and hair. If the drying time in the air is too long, it can be dried by a diffusion blower. At this time, you should tilt your head and use your fingers to shake the roots of the hair. This can also make the hair more loose.


Method 4: use shampoo in the hair phase To wash with shampoo, shampoo is a good solution. It is best suited for “oily hair roots are damaged hair”. To do this, people need a vial with a mouthpiece (all in the hairdresser). Mix an oil-resistant shampoo with four warm waters in a jar and spray directly over the roots of the hair (still dry) with a mouthpiece. Let the shampoo bubble and then wash it. A shampoo that flows from the roots to the hair is enough to wash the hair. Seven continuous waves can also save time and problems for oily hair quickly, especially when trimming hair to dry and form in the air. Certain blotting papers can play a positive role, as well as chemically improve oily hair.


Method 5: Keeping hair between the hairs is good for all hair styles that prevent hair roots from adhering to the scalp. This includes making the roots of the hair bulge slightly or spray a fogging solution. If you want to blow the hair root up, you should pay attention to the air of the hair dryer, it should not be blown on the scalp, that is, it should not blow on the sebaceous glands. Recommendation: Apply a soft foam reinforcement beforehand.


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