Our hair contains approximately 15% water. The more moisturizing the hydration factor between the hair fiber bundles, the more moisture the hair will have and the softer the hair will be. However, if the protein fiber is destroyed due to overheating and hot dyeing, the moisture content is lost and the moisture content is less than 10%, which will cause the hair to dry, become harsh, static, knotted, spongy and difficult to comb. Then, in addition to the simple daily care of the hair, it is also a good time to repair it before going to bed. Let’s look at how to add foods to hair.


1. Add shine to hair

Apply a conditioner or conditioner without rinsing on your hair before going to bed. Before using, check the list of ingredients. In addition to water, glycerin, alcohol and other ingredients, whether there are essential oil hydration factors extracted from avocado, shea butter, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and soybeans and vitamin E ingredients , these ingredients are actually You can protect the hair, improve the shine and maintain the silky feel of the hair. Do not apply it to the scalp when using it, since it can be applied from the root of the hair of 5 cm to the tip.


2. nourish the hair in depth

If the hair is still dry, use a hair mask to store. After washing with shampoo, clean the water and spread the mask on the hair evenly. Do not touch the scalp. If you have straight hair, you can apply it from the hair shaft to the tip of the hair when you apply it, you can make the mask penetrate more deeply and the hair will look more smooth the next day. Then put on a shower cap and take a hot bath so that the water vapor helps the hair absorb nutrients better. Wash your hair after 15 minutes.


3. tips of hair to repair curls.

After dyeing the hair, it is easy to become dry and rough. This is because the oil on the scalp does not go to the tip of the hair along the curved hair, the hair is not tamed and the curl is rough and chaotic, all for this reason. Therefore, you should use hair tips at night to keep messy curls. Hyaluronic acid, amino acids, wild soybean oil, sunflower oil, sesame seed oil, aloe vera and other ingredients in the ends of the hair can make the hairstyle easier, which facilitates the creation of beautiful shapes the next morning.


4. correct the hair to eliminate the static

Using a plastic or metal comb to comb the hair will only make it more careless under the action of static electricity. Before going to bed, it is best to use a wooden comb or animal bones to massage the scalp, promote blood circulation and help the scalp to secrete oil in the hair.