1, the number of shampoo should not be too much or too little. Wash your hair at least 2-3 times a week to remove fat and dead skin. The hair conditioner should be used after washing the hair to facilitate styling;


2, try to let the hair dry naturally. Avoid applying the shampoo directly on dry hair;


3. Avoid frequent straightening. This will damage hair growth and, in general, damaged hair will grow back, but if the hair follicle is excessively damaged, it can cause hair loss;


4. You should not comb your hair often. Excessively combing the hair, like 100 times a day, will damage the hair;


5. It is not recommended to use a splint for straightened hair. This will accelerate the damage to the hair. If the hair is not very smooth, the curtain can be cold stretched separately and the wet hair will be smooth.


6. Choosing a good stylist is also very important. The hair straightening process is particularly strong, and the hair follicles are easily damaged. A good stylist will know how to take care of your hair, otherwise, it will result in the discovery of the elephant!


7. Use olive oil to moisturize hair. Olive oil has a good moisturizing effect on the skin and hair;

8, adhere to the head massage. Gently rub the fingers on the scalp, in the order of the blood from the scalp that flows naturally towards the heart, in the order of the forehead, the hairline, two jaws, the head and neck and the back of head. The massage can promote the secretion of oil, therefore, the massage of the greasy hair is lighter and the dry hair can be a little heavier.


9, wash your hair well. Wash your hair should follow scientific washing methods, otherwise it will damage your hair;


10, to prevent hair exposure. Excessive exposure to the sun will cause the hair to dry and turn yellow, and it is better to wear a straw hat or umbrella in the summer;


11, more to participate in sports, adhere to the exercise. This is also the key to maintaining your hair. Because regular exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate stress, and tension is a major cause of poor hair quality problems;


12. Adhere to the nutritional balance in the diet. The lack of minerals such as iron and copper will cause the hair to whiten prematurely, excessive hair loss must be complemented with proteins and various trace elements, such as calcium, iron and sulfur. In addition, eating too many sweets and fats will cause the blood in the body to become acidic and the hair to dry and turn yellow. Xiaobian advises everyone to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits!