1, reduce the number of shampoo

In winter and spring, the humidity is too small, the scalp is easy to dry and the hair is easy to dry. At this time, if the human body can not keep up, it will happen easily. When someone feels a lot of hair loss, they wash their hair frequently. The result is counterproductive. The more you wash your head, the more your hair falls. In general, it is sufficient to wash 1 or 2 times a week. Do not use degreasing and anti-dandruff shampoo; use less alkaline shampoo products to wash your hair as much as possible; use conditioner regularly; add intermittent salt and vinegar to the water intermittently to prevent and reduce hair loss; the shampoo should not be too hot or too cold, while washing, you can massage while rubbing.

2, massage the scalp to promote blood circulation.

Before going to bed every day and after getting up the next day, insert your fingers into the hair from the forehead to the back of the head and scalp, 2 to 4 minutes at a time. Regular scalp massage can improve the nutrition of the scalp, regulate the secretion of sebum, promote blood circulation of the scalp and improve local metabolism. Before massage, rub the oil on the scalp to improve the effect. In addition, by using a brush made with a brush, it is also effective to pat the scalp at a right angle every day.

You can also strengthen the hairline when you massage. Use your thumb and forefinger to cut the outline of your face with your thumb or index finger, or place your thumb under the ear. Massage the hairline with the index finger and the middle finger. It helps to keep hair healthy and healthy.


3, choose the correct comb

The comb should use a horn or wooden comb. The static electricity of the plastic comb can easily damage the hair. Combs every morning and evening a hundred times, can stimulate the scalp to improve ventilation between the hair, help prevent baldness and dandruff. Use a boxwood comb or bristle brush to remove dandruff, increase the shine of the hair and massage the scalp.

4, often change the distribution direction

If the direction of distribution remains unchanged for a long period of time, when the hair is sewn, it will be particularly dry or thinned out due to the often exposed sunlight. If the separated areas begin to lose weight, massage the hair and hydrate the scalp after applying the hair or oil. Sometimes you can change the direction of separation, not only can you enjoy the pleasure of changing your hair, but you can also avoid the dryness of separation, which leads to the difficulty of baldness.

5, less horsetail

The ponytail can really give a clean impression to people, but if the ponytail is too tight, it is easy to cause a hair loss problem and let the hairline gradually recede. In general, you should try to get as little as possible, but if you have to tie your hair because of the requirements of the job, you can use a pointed comb to loosen it when you tie it and keep a clean contour, but at least the hair is affected. The power will not be so great, it can reduce the pressure of hair loss.

6, wash your face you should wash the hairline
Also pay attention to the usual maintenance, wash the face and hair line, because according to the direction of our washing, the hair line is the facial cleanser easier to accumulate, if not cleaned, the long-term damage of the hair follicles.

7, stop smoking, control consumption.

Smoking causes the capillaries of the scalp to contract, which affects the normal development of hair. Liquor, especially hot white wine, can cause the scalp to produce heat and moisture, causing hair loss. Even if beer and wine should be moderate, let the liver “rest” for at least two days a week (ie, stop drinking).

8, pay attention to the hat, to the ventilation of the helmet.

The hair is not sensual, wearing a hat and a helmet will make the hair stay airtight for a long time, and it is easy to suffocate it. In particular, the pores of the pores that are pressed by the hat or helmet in the hairline are easy to relax, causing hair loss. Therefore, hats and ventilation conditions on the helmet must be well prepared, such as covering the hollow lid on the mat or adding small holes.

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